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A Waking Tour

Air, air, everywhere, but not a clear breath to drink. I had forgotten how much Europeans smoke. Butts strewn across the street, filling the gaps between the cobbles where they collect in quantity videos downloaden android browser.

A day of walking. Lunch at the Yellow Bar. We head toward the Spanish Steps on the B line, transferring on to the brand new A line. A fully open subway train, open from end to end playlist bei youtube herunterladen. Your view disappears around the turns as the subway snakes across the city.

The world famous Giolitti for gelato. A scoop of pistachio and a scoop of chocolate wetter app kostenlosen. A dollop of thick whipped cream loaded on top. This stuff is the real deal. Milk here is less processed, so it contains a much higher level of butterfat than those found in the US herunterladen. With a base of whole milk, the scoops are smooth and rich. You can feel the calories slick on your teeth. Delicious. We squat a stoop across the street and watch other patrons wander down the street as we eat in Germany.

The courtyard of the Pantheon, a mass of wandering tourists. A little late for great light, only the obelisk’s western face catches the descending sun herunterladen. The second stolen Egyptian obelisk passed today. This mounted amid a fountain, the other on the back of a stone elephant, carved Bernini; hindquarters towards the Vatican in protest pdf voor mac downloaden.

Our bus back is near the base of the Victor Emanuel Monument. Dedicated to Victor Emanuel, the first king of Italy, even though he was not an Italian himself landwirtschafts simulator 19 pc kostenlos downloaden. A neo classical fascist design. Intended by Mussolini as his grand stand to review his triumphant army during World War Two. So much for that plan.



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