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Hello Rome

Through check-in and security in 20min. 1hr and 40min to kill before the plane departs. No real issues, or at least no show stoppers. The Break Away case checked as standard luggage but my reserved and confirmed window seat was neither reserved nor confirmed it seems strategy games for free.

41A, grabbed back in May. A window seat on the long haul portion of the flight, choice. Air France had other plans. It seems that their systems decided to reissue the ticket (internally I suppose since I had an electronic ticket and was never informed), which then caused my seat to be reassigned to 31K kostenlose hunde bilder zumen. A non-aisle seat in the center seat column. Trapped in the core of the plane. I was able to get it changed to 44E, still a non-edge center section seat, 13 rows closer to Hannie‘s and Suzie’s seats herunterladen.

The dinner and snack were good, the available movies acceptable, but sleep was nowhere to be found. Sleeping on planes isn’t one of my strong skills fonts for free. Not having a bulkhead to lean against didn’t help matters.

Customs was in Paris. Quick and painless. Officially in the European Union. A French entry stamp rather than Italian schreibprogramm herunterladen. I am not sure how many hours we have been in transit but I do know that I have been up since nearly 6am CST. I think it has been close to 24 so far. It is nearly 10am here in Paris and I am afraid if I fall asleep now I won’t switch over to local time

A 1.5hr nap on the way to Rome only broken by the arrival of shortbread cookies and orange juice. The plane lands sharply and people file towards the exits herunterladen. The three of us hustle to the baggage claim only to wait. Hannie’s bike was MIA. It never made it onto the plane in Paris. Hopefully it made it into France 99 luftballons kostenlos downloaden.

A final train ride and we are in Rome proper. Hannie’s father is waiting. The car barely holds the three of us with the luggage that arrived ihk prüfungen herunterladen. We unload into the apartment, take showers, and decide to head into the city looking for a proper meal. A pre-dinner stop reminds me that everything is not as it seems at first glance when you are dealing with food in a foreign country microsoft purchased movies. What I had thought was artichoke and tomato on top of mozzarella pizza was not mozzarella after all. It was a white tuna sauce. Not quite the same thing. Interesting, but when you are salivating at the thought of cheese and marinara, a salty tuna cream sauce might not be what you are looking for. And four slices might be more than you can handle…

Dinner ends up being at a bar with a freshly made and continuously refilled vegetarian buffet table. Three or four different salads: bean and vegetable, pasta and tomatoes, sautéed spinach and herbs, among others that rotate in and out as the bowls run low and the kitchen changes tracks. Bowls of hard crusted bread and others of crisp vegetables lightly sprinkled with sea salt. The list goes on. The only restriction is that you have to buy drinks to partake. An hour and a half later, filled with a mojito, a gin and tonic, and five trips to the food bar, I head back to the apartment.

Full and exhausted to nearly uselessness, we head home with a short side trip. Through a gap in the wall, we are able to catch sight of Keats and Shelly’s graves in the Nonconformist Cemetery. Classic headstones, miniscule in stature and humble in appearance compared to their neighbor, the pyramidal mausoleum of the Chestia family.

35 hours after having last had a solid sleep, I lie down on my couch and disappear. Finally, asleep in Rome.



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