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Boise, ID to Portland, OR

The rides are ridden. The tour is complete. The year is done. There is a sense of accomplishment but also a strong sense of relief. The riders completed a series of very hard rides tipp10 chip kostenlos. Not just in the last 17 days, but the two previous legs this year as well. A lot of time. A lot of patience. And a ton of suffering.

3 hours 40min of riding and 1 million hours of van sitting in the first 14days left me sore from inactivity java download offline. The 90 mile and 150 mile rides in the last three days have worn me out, but in a way that makes me smile with satisfaction. I have threats and promises of hard days of riding in Portland word gratis downloaden op laptop. I look forward to them. I have ridden there enough to know that even on a bad day, you will have a great ride. Even if it was 109F there yesterday and nobody has an air-conditioning herunterladen. Just head towards skyline and and everything will work itself out.

Photo: Jeremy and I passed this mobile party platform as we were riding from his house to Slate’s netflix app für mac downloaden. Yes, two 20″ers welded together. Correct, cooler up front, grill out back. To the left you can see the edge of the propane tank as it dangles off to the side subway surfer herunterladen gratis. If the horns don’t get you, his cig sparking the leaky canister probably will.

Footnote: After we got to Slate’s place I fell asleep first in his front yard on the grass near the side walk, from which I moved to and slept on his love seat, before making the final transition to the full couch yotube video downloaden. And not once did he kick me out for acting like any level surface was mine for the taking. A gentleman among men.




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