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Red Lodge, MT to Missoula, MT

The days are bleeding together. As are the locations. I am loosing track. Too much has been packed into too little time for me to retain a grip on the flow photorec kostenlosen. It runs through my fingers, some caught, much lost.

Grasslands, power lines, barbed wire fences, wrought iron gates, rail road tracks, horse or cattle, various farming contraptions both usable and wrecked, auto rolling water lines, trees and no trees, dirt and rocks, streams and clouds voucher free of charge.

My mind is getting foggy. I am a little more than a little worn out.

The main change seems to be the shapes of the hills. The seem more pointed rather than domed 3 ds spiele kostenlosen. Like they prepoured with one of those conveyor belts used to sort sand and gravel prior to being transported.

I lay on the back bench seat and try to nap icloud photos on ipad. Partially successful.

Plans have changed. We will have a driver for the photo and film vehicles tomorrow. I will be able to ride the Drummonod, MT (80mile/?ft) AND the Boise, ID death march (150miles/15000ft/100+degrees)

Time to catch up on the final stages of the Tour which were missed while we were out of pocket herunterladen. Then sleep. Then a real ride. My legs have less than three hours of ride time clocked in two weeks. These will be an interesting and challenging two days app mdr aktuell herunterladen. Then a day or two of travel back to Portland followed by 4 days of bike riding vacation before I return to the ATX.



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