Yellowstone National Park, WY

6am out of bed.
Buffet breakfast.
Elk road block.

The light is young.  Slowly growing. In no rush to reach maturity. A steep climb leads us out of town deutsche bank online banking app herunterladen.

A short stop at Mammoth Springs. A hike along a raised wooden foot bridge over run off and past sink holed outlets. The over look provides visual access to turquoise pools and columns of rising steam wie kann ich etwas von youtubeen.

The road slowly ascends, the riders with it. Cool air sinks, filling the lowlands as the day begins to gather warmth.

The breeze is ripe with the smell of copious amounts of fresh animal dung, for miles on end jbg 2 kostenlos downloaden. Are the herds of elk and buffalo really that prolific? My nose says yes.

Shadows of skeletal trees criss-cross the road. We enter an open valley herunterladen. Reed bordered ponds dot the landscape. The meadows look soft and forgiving. Perfect for an elf lunch or a Christopher nap. 5-6hrs of sleep and a  3hr drive day yesterday makes me wish for a hammock in the warm summer shade klaviernoten kostenlos downloaden.

Thirty four buffalo slowly march through a grassy flood plane. Their grunts and growls reach us on the ridge over looking them, a third of a mile away sos eu alp app herunterladen. They take turns dust bathing in raw patches of earth; heaving themselves from side to side seeking full coverage while the herd wanders, cropping the ground cover with each sweep of their heads herunterladen.

A badger pokes its head out of the scrub lining the road. Looking for a clear passage. It sees me speeding its way and reconsiders. A mile later another badger, one with more traffic experience, jogs along the while shoulder line, keeping an eye on approaching cars herunterladen.

Ominous clouds fill the sky, rippled like think frosting. Thunderstorms seem imminent. The riders are clawing their way up the endless switchbacks in search of the final plateau electures downloaden. Yellow, violet, and blue. Red. Seven  colors distributed between five species of flowers litter the hillsides among the sage and alpine grasses.

The wind is increasing samsung drucker treiber herunterladen. Birds pinwheel across the road.

We have surmounted the first peak and crossed the saddle connecting the second. We enter the final set of upward switchbacks. Above the tree line. Surrounded by snow packs and boulders. It is raining. The road is  slick, the sky is a flat featureless grey.

Ira and James spin past us looking for the crest. Three levels to go, fifty three degrees. Jackets unzipped and flapping as they reach for the summit.

The steep repetitive climbs coupled with the nearly back to back days of hard rides have taken their toll. The pack has been pulled apart and is strung out. Karl, our host, motors alone, behind the front two, ahead of the final three.

The route tops out at 11500ft on the eastern summit with constant fifty degree wind and drizzle. The top of the world.

The wet 45min descent combines a gravity assist with a tailwind kiss. The riders launch off the mountain into a thirty three mph multimile coast. A final three mile easy pedal and we enter Red Lodge. Our bike ride merges with a leather clad biker rally. Mmmmm chaps.

Avg: 16.8mph
Max: 49.3mph
Time: 7:18
Dist: 124.57
Elev Change: 11,500ft
Peak Elevation: 11,500ft



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