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Park City, UT to Gardner, MT

Travel day.
Hazy, still hot.
Hardly a relief from Austin’s summer.
The mid west is having its own heat wave.
Hello dehydration kaspersky internet security free download full version.

Derelict building, massive incinerator, cavernous interior. Three floors of decay. Amazing lack of contemporary debris. Layers of matted dirt cover the floor herunterladen. Steel railed staircases with solid plank steps. Ancient barn owl, startled by our appearance, floats to a better perch to monitor the invaders. Ancient machinery and open metal jacketed pits wie kann man mit iphone musik herunterladen. Shattered glass and crumbling roof. A decades old canvas coverall hangs beside a frozen hinged door. Vacuum tubes lined up on a dusty shelf.

Blue four person paddle boat strapped to the back of a cream and brown seventies era pickup cabbed RV music download kids.

Up through Cashe State Park and then back down into the grassy farm lands. Wind gusts across the gold and green, rocking the car. The smell of freshly cut hay solitaire kostenlos zum downloaden.

A sedan from the fifties decomposes in the middle of an unkempt field. Its rust encased exoskeleton is all that remains.

Miles of seemingly abandoned buildings application letter template to download. Some clearly at the end of their lives. Others clutching to the dream that one day their loneliness will end. False hope.

Afton. Home of the world’s largest elk antler arch gran turismo sport paints. It stretches across the three lanes of traffic. It begs the question, does this mean there are others, or is this the largest of one?

A Bald Eagle dive bombing the river films downloaden van internet. Competing with the fly fishermen, knee deep in the current.

The jagged Grand Tetons rise abruptly from the valley floor. Their sheer rock faces saw into the clear sky adobe photoshop proefversie. Scattered snow drifts pocket the slopes feeding the encircling groves of pine and ash.

We cross Snake River and enter Yellow Snow National Park youtube videos for whatsapp. And ocean of bleached branchless tree trunks stand erect for as far as the the eye can see. Saplings crowd the undergrowth, slowly rebuilding the canopy from the ashes of their ancestors.

We cross the Continental Divide for the second time this trip. 7988ft above sea level.

We cross the a third time, 8262ft above sea level.

Old Faithful puffs wistfully, saving its energy for a later time. Sulphur springs run down the slope carving mottled orange steps in the crusty white rock face; trailing steam until they plunge into the cold rapids of the adjacent river.

The sun drifts below the horizon while we continue along the two lanes through the remainder of the park. Colors reach across the sky lancing the clouds. A double sun set develops. Bright rays one side, a rotating pallet of pastels on the other. Gradually darkness envelops the land.



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