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Salt Lake City, UT

You can find additional videos and images on Dave’s site:

Sleepin in a van down by the river wo ist mein wasser kostenlosen. White noise of the rushing water and the cool of the night leak through the plate glass windows. 11 bodies pack into the cabin. I am stretched across the center bench seat in my sleeping bag, feet over the edge, against the wall herunterladen.

I drift off with a mass of stars filling the heavens. I wake to the first inklings of the sunrise bleeding over the peaks to the east.

Everyone slept pretty well but they still carrying fatigue outlook pst herunterladen. I think the pace of the trip and load of riding are taking their tolls. We pile into the van and follow Brock’s (our host on this leg) white Tacoma towards the promise of breakfast and coffee herunterladen. Low Motion Disco pulses from the speakers.

A short stack of pancakes smothered in pellet sized blueberries.

A 6500ft above sea level start with a peak of 9600ft teamviewer voor mac.

Long paved then graveled then dusty rocky sand. 7% forever. The sparse air saps their legs. Progress is slow. Repetitive washboards. Arms shake and teeth rattle Minecraft mods free download weapons.

Payoff. The most amazing descent I have ever had the pleasure of taking, even if it was in a sloppily swaying van. Like the climb the riders start together pc cleaner kostenlos herunterladen. The first 1/3 is super steep, twisty, and potholed. Tight hairpins. Unlike the way up, the remain as a pack, on their brakes as they drop through the jagged switch backs herunterladen.

The 140 degree T to to the second stage burns off all speed. The road opens up. The asphalt becomes clean and the turns are more sweep, less steep wii spiele kostenlosen.

The van leans it’s way around each bend as I try to keep the riders within reach of Daniel’s camera. The back doors are open; he is wedged in with his feet locked against the rear bumper herunterladen. Everything shifts back and forth as I zig zag through the schicains. Each is a physics experiment, a test of friction and a display of center of gravity.

50+ mph is recorded. People really pushed it. That is a lot of faith in 23c tires.

City streets and a bike path. We jam ahead. Route through the university and the begin the final long climb of the day Emigration Canyon. Rolling pavement. A tree covered country road. It begins to ascend. It depaves.



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