Saratoga, WY to Salt Lake City, UT

Today is a travel day. We have to pick up 3 and drop of 1 at the Salt Lake City airport.

It seems like I am in west Texas. Scrub flows across the arid platoed landscape adobe lightroom cc for free. This empty bleak territory speaks to some, but I prefer lush.
Patchy clouds are scattered across the sky. They look empty, as though it is all they can do to just maintain their basic structure whatsapp voice messages is not possible. They have no energy left to even consider rain. Providing shade is a strain.

A refinery in the distance is burning off natural gas. To the south, a bank of wind turbines spin lazily you can't download all the series on netflix.

The cliff faces have become rusty. Is there more iron in the soil here or is some other process at work?

Waves flow across the grassy divided   middle as the 18 wheelers stream by herunterladen. A cargo train thunders down the rails in the opposite direction. Shipping containers double stacked.

A car graveyard is tucked into a ruddy hill in the middle of nowhere Download background images for free women. The pallet of colors glinting in contrast.

We grab Cary and Jason from the airport, bikes built. Kansas unloads his gear and disassembles his bike herunterladen. He is on his way to Portland while we will be heading towards the final 4 rides.

We still have to pick up Ira at 7:45pm. It is time for a late lunch herunterladen.  We end up at Whole Foods and my first legitimate salad of the tour. Undressed so I can taste each and every fresh raw vegetable on my plate.

I write my daily log email xbox one erneut herunterladen. I finish and send. I never should of connected to that wireless network. All is lost. Noting is sent, nothing is saved. Sigh. I start over but I feel drained creatively from the last effort Twitter videos android. For some reason the image I wanted to send is not attached. I have to send it separately. I really hope my phone is not dieing.

Sleep and a burrito are in my future filius downloaden free. Please work Mr iPhone.




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