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Laramie, WY to Saratoga, WY

We sail the sea of sagegrass on our way to Laramie. A quick stop for a snack while everyone suits up and we are off.

10 min into the ride it starts to drizzle. The kind of rain that makes you smell the dust on the ground. The kind that let’s you know it has been a while since the ground has had a drink herunterladen. Slowly it builds into a legitimate down pour. Although the rain is steady, the cloud face is broken enough to allow the sun to spill through as the water falls.

We escape the rain as we pass the Laramie city limits and enter the Wyoming county side. A blue VW Beatle is parked along a barb wire fence seeking it’s owner ebooks voor kobo. The highway, our path, is leading us towards a large dark cloud with grey earthbound tendrils. It seems that we have not escaped after all.

The storm draws a line across the road. One side clear, the other out of focus. We are enveloped. Rain and BB sized hail pummel the crew. It is nearly 15min until we are free.

The far side of the storm is striking audio von youtube downloaden online. The slick road acts like a pane of glass and is mirroring the sky. The clouds are sharp and so bright that they are difficult to look at for any extended amount of time. The lumpy prairies/pastures extend in all directions, penned in in the distance by rows of hazy mountains. The light here is amazing. Much like Colorado, everything pops youtube videos online herunterladen. Maybe I am just conditioned by the dry greens and browns of Texas. Everything here seems to have a visual vibrancy and snap not present at home.

The sky clears and the road and riders dry. We start to climb in elevation with a planned top out of between 10,500 and 11,000ft. The pavement continues, we turn right and follow a dirt road up the slope herunterladen. The road turns to potholes and the potholes to two rough tracks through the rocks and grass. A moose grazes to our left and scans the bikes as they pass. The tracks finally dead end into a packed snow bank. The bikes will have to be carried, the vehicles will need to retrace their steps and find another way around sims 4 mods mac.

3/5 of the riders make a go of riding over the impasse. One wipes out sideways, two fly over their handlebars as their front wheels jam and sink into the slush. The snow breaks their falls rather than their bones. A couple comedic attempts at riding/sliding down the back side of the drift on two 25c tires and we are on our way minecraft mods herunterladen deutsch.

The two groups join up on WY-130 and hurry towards Saratoga. The sun is getting low and a chill in the air reminds as that time is running short. The next 10-15 miles is the forever descent. Smooth grades with sweeping turns. Hardly any speed is burnt as the road curves left and right. We take a gravel road short cut which saves 5 miles of ride time wo 4k filme downloaden. We sprint over dusty  open roads partitioned by cattle guards. I switch cars to the film vehicle, and the van follows the lead pack. Kansas gets a flat and we pull off so that he isn’t left behind. The light is getting thin; he may need our headlights to make it in. He is out of tubes and we have to patch the tire. The sun us almost below the horizon viber download for free. As it disappears and the sun set fades the heat of the day evaporates. The high beams come on and provide a path through the dark for the lone rider. 10 miles of dark roads and a glowing horizon. Kansas continues to hammer. He keeps saying that this is the most beautiful riding he thinks he has ever done. We pass the cemetery, a rack wall and take a left turn onto main street spotify playlist herunterladen. The van is parked a block away. We park. Kansas dismounts, says that was a religious experience, thanks us for sticking with him, and then gives each of us a hug.

Dinner, a dip in the local free open 24hr hot springs, and then the night at the Sand and Sage Motel.



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