Boulder, CO to Steamboat Springs, CO

Ok ok, the ride this morning didn’t work out. I was up at 6:15, but everyone else got up as well and wanted to load the van to get into Boulder to catch the Tour coverage at a coffee shop down town anydesk kostenlos herunterladen.

We got there a little after 7. The Tour is on. A coffee and two Breggo breakfast sandwiches. Delicious. I grab my stuff from the van to take off around 8 but now there might not be time filme von vimeo downloaden. The interview is supposed to be at 9:30 and only last 30min. I decide to just wait until the ride in the afternoon. The interview slides to 10:45 and we leave town closer to noon netflixen windows 8. Coulda shoulda woulda gone on the ride. Oh well.

We take the long way to Steamboat Springs through Rocky Mountain National Park. Valleys, peaks, narrow roads threading their way through valleys and up mountain sides aktuelle bewerbungsvorlagen kostenlos downloaden. Interleaved snow packs and rock outcrops. Elk. Herds of elk. Herds of elk with huge racks of antlers.

We topped out a little over 12,500 feet. I have never been so high songen van youtube.

We roll up to Moots ( around 5pm, unload the bikes and head out on a 30mile hilly bike ride split between asphalt and hard packed gravel herunterladen. This was my 2nd ride in 6 days. I was ready punch it. Followed one of the Moots guys up a long but quick climb and then waited for the group. A couple of curves and rollers then the final climb appeared solidworks toolbox herunterladen. Up shifted and took off. Jammed up the hill but hardly touched my legs. Both hills put me in the mid 180s heart rate. The limiting factor was the missing oxygen herunterladen. Ouch ouch ouch ouch. I could not breathe!

A nutty super gravelie descent during which I have never felt so unstable going in a straight line. I was the first up the hill and one of the last down it pou spielen kostenlos. Wobbles from racing through shifting piles of pebbles and fish tailing as I fluttered the rear break in an attempt to not pick up an unmanageable rate of speed as we careened down the slope fonts online.  But I was not the wreck into the ditch which bent a fork or the speed wobbles that was almost an off road into another ditch. Nobody got hurt and the undamaged frame is now mated to a fancy new fork.



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