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Boulder, CO

First things first. I was proudly featured in Embrocation Magazine’s blog ( facebook for free.

Second things second. I am well aware it is Andy Hampsten. I blame the iPhone for second guessing me. Believe it if you will gif bilder herunterladen.

Yes, I was robbed and did not get to go on the ride. A driver was never found. So, I was driving the van while 22 players and pimps got buried on the climbs and murdered on the descents bewegliche bilder kostenlos herunterladen.

For the first hour or so it was a nice casual pace with a double conversational paceline. Paved uphill roads turned into steep gravel. As the field became more and more strung out Andy cruised rolled his way to the front of the group saarmojis herunterladen. Pink signature Rapha Gavia jersey and 33mm tires. A steep descent and another climb. We stopped at a tapped spring and filled water bottles. Andy’s rear wheel was flat herunterladen. The ride continued while I stuck around as he patched his tube. We chatted about SIS Couplers and taking bikes on international flights.

Another mile and the rear wheel is flat again adobe reader gratis downloaden. The cut in the tire is too large and is letting the tube get repunctured. I offer the wheel off my bike on one condition, that he make a list of rides I should do in Italy moorhuhn spiele kostenlosen vollversion. He laughed and agreed. We traded wheels and he hammered after the group.

A quick stop in Ward and then the final ascent up to Brainard Lake, 10500ft herunterladen. Smooth asphalt descent. A 5 person paceline, 4 Rapha riders and Andy telling stories about the Coors Classic when they weren’t pushing close to 50mph herunterladen.

I had a good day. I was in a pretty shitty mood last night and this morning when it looked like I was going to miss out on the main ride I wanted to be in on, but once it started there wasn’t anything I could do wendler filter herunterladen. I focused out setting up good photo opportunities, helping out riders, and not running over anyone around the turns. I was a success in all three, thankfully.

I am going to try to get up and be on the bike by 7am. The guys at University Bicycles put together a nice paved climbie 45-50 mile ride for me. I am going to ride in from Longmont which adds an additional 15 miles. Not sure I have time to get it all ridden but I will try. We have a social ride scheduled out of Moots tomorrow afternoon in Steamboat Springs, so cutting it a little short might make that ride more fun.

Andy arriving in Ward.

Andy arriving in Ward.



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