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Angel Fire, NM

I finally figured out why just as I was about to fall asleep I kept rapid breathing and waking myself up. We are at 8500ft.

Today’s ride: 115miles undulating between 8500 and 9500ft resulting in 7800ft of climbing filme auf deutsch kostenlos downloaden. Or in my case, 150+ miles racing around in the van.

Pine tree encrusted slopes crumbling into narrow valleys. Slowly running streams being fished for rainbow trout attachment v. Sandstone columns rise in stacks above the treetops towards open sky. Clear dry thin and cloudless.

The first climb starts 4 miles out of town and continues for close to 7 windows 7 german full version for free. The shoulderless road zig zags up and down the mountains, in and out of the canyons.

We had the first crash of the trip 2 miles after the mid way stop and water/snack break herunterladen. The edge of the road had a soft spot filled with chipfill overflow. Cole ran across it and laid it down. He was still able to finish the ride but his left shin is pretty shredded downloaden netflix iphone. Look for pretty bloody pictures on the rapha continental sometime in the near future if you are so inclined.

A long run over hard packed gravel roads and then the final rolling decent back into town nacon revolution pro profile herunterladen. We end the day with showers, pizza, and the 10th stage of the Tour de France.



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