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Albuquerque, NM

Ok ok, I am on tour again. Bike but different format. I am going cross country with Rapha Continental ( gutschein vorlage herunterladen. Driving, logistics, and riding. Albuquerque to Portland. 17 days on the road and then 5 looking for trouble in the PDX.

Up at 4:15am, airport at 5:30, checked in and through security to the gate by 5:48 popcorn time download ipad. Flight at 6:30 to Dallas, an hour layover then through to Albuquerque. The bike box shows up and is in mint condition. No problems during build everything looks like it is working out, everything is working out just a little too well…

Where is my ride simple writing program for free? It is a little after 10 and I have been here for over an hour. I have not heard anything. 10:40. 10:45. 10:48, a call. They left late and have had shitty cell phone service herunterladen. ETA 2 maybe 3 hours. Well no reason to wait around in the airport anymore. 2 bags and a bike. I walk the 3 miles into town.

Lunch (which made me miss Mothers), gelato (which made me miss dolche vida), and coffee which made me miss Spiderhouse, er, I mean Juan Pelota herunterladen! The food had better improve as we move north!

2pm call. Van had a problem, might be another two hours.

4pm call. 30min away.

5pm van herunterladen!

We are finally on the road. I am ready to eat some dinner and get a solid 8 hours of crash time before tomorrow.




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