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Charlottesville, VA

Another early morning, but not quite as early as yesterday. The plan is to Amtrak it to Fredricksburg and then ride to Charlottesville. The trick will be getting the bikes on the trian kostenlose filme downloaden android.

The low last night was 34. It must have warmed up since then. There isn’t much of a bite as we ride the dedicated paved bike path parallel to the tracks we will shortly be on herunterladen.

A $22 ticket and we stroll to gate J where I will have to sweet talk our way onto our coach. Amtrak has a grey bike policy. TO take a bike into the passenger car, rather than checking it in a bike box on the luggage car, which some routes don’t even have, requires it be folding and usually be in a case powerpoint kostenlos download für windows 7. We don’t have cases and the Break-Aways are not really folding bikes. They are outside the regulations. They cause uncertainty rather than a clear cut decision in those that make the thumbs up/thumbs down decision herunterladen.

The key to success is to be friendly without a sense o entitlement, act like taking this bike on the train is a normal (and expected) thing, wait to be told that you can’t take the bike on the train since it isn’t in a box (meaning they have pre-categorized it as a standard road bike in their heads), and then state it is folding and you will break it down so it fits in the luggage space herunterladen. This scrip has worked both in the states and in Europe. And it worked here today. We were told by three or four different people at various stages, on the way to our car, that they don’t really let bikes on the train, BUT since they are broken down, we can stash them in one of the exit doors as long as they are out of the walkway wo kinofilme downloaden. Success!

As we sway our way out of the Union Station, the moon is fat and low on the horizon. Languidly taking its time as sets over, first the Washington Monument and the National Mall, and then the Jefferson Memorial spotify how much.

Fantastic weather and gorgeous riding. Pre-ride coffee and bagel in Fredricksburg. Today is the first day of long riding since the knee dropped a slip in the complaint box ordner aus sharepoint herunterladen. Why are we on a 6 lane highway with no shoulder? The posted speed limit is 45, which means cars are doing 55. No one is honking and everyone is giving us space, but this is not where we want to be songs youtube. I stop the Google generated map route and have the Garmin decide. It turns out to be the winner. Up until this point Google Maps with the bike priority option has worked like a dream invitation cards for free. Today Garmin gets a gold star. A empty two lane road along the river. A couple of steep climbs, but short and manageable. Onto the Constitution Highway. Through killing fields of slender trunked trees and little underbrush. An open and airy wood with few hiding places. Daytime crickets call to each other.

An old tractor and some new directions. We ignore the GPS and follow a side route provided by a pair of locals. Filling up an ancient tractor, unfazed by our funny pants. Off of the 20 through farms and along the railway line. A little shorter than staying the verified course and much more interesting.

I found my legs today. We arrive at our host house at 5pm on the dot. Plenty of light left. No stress. The sunny 70 degrees balanced out the 10mph SSW wind. A couple of KIND bars and thick sharp cheddar cheese sandwiches during the day. Chocolate milk for recovery 10 miles out from the end.

The night begins with home made pizza, from scratch, and ends with gelato and sitting on a edge of a park watching bluegrass being played by a trio in The Garage. A lamp lit performance in an art backed space by Lac La Belle.

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