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Old Lyme, CT

A seemingly randomized route through quiet neighborhood roads. Narrow and tree lined. A hike and bike cut through. Grey crushed rocked buried beneath fresh multi-colored leaves herunterladen. A return to roads. We slip past Wellesley. Unheard and unseen. A deserted campus.

My Garmin is playing games with me. I am not sure it appreciates me handing it a 126 mile route to digest and then follow album charts for free. It stalls a couple of times, but waiting for it to make up its mind is still faster than trying to follow a convoluted century plus queue sheet.

Providence, RI is reached herunterladen. We are slowed by a headwind but still making ok time. Amy’s Place appears on the right and an egg sandwich+coffee calls our names. A quick lunch and we need to start again brennprogramm kostenlos downloaden. Time for a stretch but nothing more. We are on our bikes. South by South-East. An 11 mile bike road from what once was a rail line. Smooth, level, quiet, and free of traffic music downloaden.com.

What is also on track is the 10-15mph head/cross wind out of the west. A constant advisory. More than an irritant. 120+ miles is a long. 120+ into a headwind is endless herunterladen.

7pm into New London. An hour and a half behind schedule. The sun has set. And our fatigue has set in. A front flat is fixed and we search for dinner herunterladen. Pizza and pasta. Then the final 11 miles to our host, Benedict. An 8:30pm arrival. Dark and Cold. Two and a half hours of headlight riding.

As I fall asleep I think about the first day of the tour herunterladen schreibweise. The first day always produces doubt. You have to put into practice the theory that, until now, has lived only on paper. Carrying gear that is 15% of your body weight distances you don’t usually ride unloaded earn to die 2 kostenlos herunterladen. Today was harder than I expected. And my right knee is asking me questions. For it I only have one answer, keep going (please).

distance: 124.9
elevation gain: 3927
ride time: 8:12:23

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