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Dr. Peter D. Rubijono*

Another good day with Hans Poot (aka Ruby, Pete, Peter, etc) and his sister Juliann. Today is the day we watch Pete, and a bunch of other people, race herunterladen. Lots of course tape, a couple of obstacles, and a ramp which looks like it was stolen from a skate park. A grass roots race on the grass. A typical Texas CX race, clean and dry waste calendar. Not the normal sludge slugging match one expects from the north east.

On the first lap out, the front brake on Pete’s Ridley has decided it doesn’t want to play nice subway surf appen. He keeps going, drifting his rear wheel around corners, waiting for the pack to get strung out a bit more. Finally, on lap four, he runs in for a bike hand off open office deutsch kostenlos chip. A one person exchange. I get the brake fixed on his A bike, a slipped cable, and am ready to re-swap a half lap later. We set for a two person drop. Matt catches his spare and he runs the Ridley out of my hands musik von youtube auf pc herunterladen. Smooth and easy.

Unfortunately tonight is our last night with Hans Poot herunterladen. The gentleman who met us at the baggage claim and then drove us to our first host house in a wood paneled 1993 Buick Century while plying us with thermoses of various hot teas kostenlose kartenspiele herunterladen. Tomorrow we depart from our arrival city and ride to Old Lyme. Hans has decided to come along and make it a trio for part of the first stage. 30 miles or so before turning around and heading to work readly magazine herunterladen. Unless, that is, we are able to keep him entertained and distracted so he forgets he has somewhere else to be.

* not a real doctor

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