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Metropolitan State Hospital

We are staying at the converted Metropolitan State Hospital. Once an asylum for “idiots and lunatics not furiously mad” and now just an assortment of apartments and condos sky go download is not possible. A fitting place for a pair of riders embarking on a less than sane tour.

Early afternoon. Country roads out of Lexington, through historic battle grounds, along the Paul Revere route, past the interconnected parks herunterladen. A north west curve out to Walden Pond, made famous by Henry David Thoreau.

Blasts of wind attack and retreat, attempting to dislodge us from our course amazon prime music kostenlos download. Blowing leaves and debris across the road, and literally knocking branches off of nearby trees. If it were raining, it would be raining sideways. Fortunately it is clear and only partly cloudy instagram sticker herunterladen android. The weather is warm enough to dejacket, but only if riding. The ambient chill begins to worm its way through the layers during stops persuading us to keep them short moveslink herunterladen.

Four days of not riding prior to the trip, the persistent wind, and adjusting to a bike heaver than my race bike makes my legs feel slow and sluggish temple run kostenlos spielen ohne. Hopefully this wakes them up so they are ready to do the work I will demand of them on Monday. The first stage of 20, 120+ miles in length, south to the coast of Connecticut video von dailymotion herunterladen.

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