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Austin Flyers Summer Distance Challenge: 100 Miles

I drove the SAG vehicle for the Austin Flyers yesterday. The ride started with 18 ladies, and it finished with 18 ladies. Every rider finished the challenge and many their first century ride. 102 miles, 17.1mph pace. A couple of gravel roads, a dog or two, and surprisingly low temperatures for this time in Texas. Nearly 1900 combined miles and only one flat. Success.

Driveway Crit Series (2010-08-19)

Pictures of the Men’s 3/4, 4/5, and OPEN races. HD video of the CAT 3/4 sprint finish.

Driveway Crit Series (2010-08-12)

Two videos using GoPro HERO Wide cams mounted on Zack Gonzales (helmet and seatpost) during the CAT 4/5 race. The videos have been cut to the last couple of laps. Pictures of the Men’s 3/4 and 4/5 races.

Driveway Crit Series (2010-08-05)

Two in stop motion films from GoPro HERO Wide cams mounted on Jon Perry (helmet and seatpost) during the CAT 3/4 race. Pictures and finish videos of the Men’s 3/4, 4/5, and Open races. I accidentally enabled the color chooser on the camera for the 4/5 and OPEN races and ended up with green+b/w. Lets just pretend the ghost rider effect was intentional artistic expression.